There Was A Wedding Today


THERE WAS A WEDDING TODAY – By Jett Wilson @2014 (all rights reserved)

There was a wedding today
on the prairie in a little brown stone church
standing amidst a field of dandelions
and sunflowers that nature’s canvass merged
with the green hue of overgrown grass –
like a lost Monet
spread before us, tattered and frayed,
sassing the visitors swept up by the beauty.

She wiped a tear while squeezing my arm
declaring she’d always dreamed
of a ceremony so beautiful
and now surrounded by a ghost of a town, deserted farms,
even the bride was prone to blushing,
gushing as the rental organ player
put extra ‘umph’ behind the march
for that last mile down the aisle.

The preacher with the permanent 5 o’clock shadow,
the divine spokesman cut from God’s cloth wore black
even as he escaped the heat of the fields for an extra fifty;
while the bride wore Cupid’s rosary –
a tiara of daises woven together,
very skillfully and nifty
on the hood of the car;
for the baby archer knows prayer replaces lust
in the hour of need after vows are exchanged
when it’s too late to take a giant step back.

A newlywed now,
her feet are up on the dash,
toes dancing as though still traipsing down the aisle
while she sings a favorite rock ballad, her soul sashays
swaying as the car rattles down the highway.
There was a wedding today
along a back road lacking markers
between two lovers knackered
by the endless pursuit of kindred souls.

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