Mystery Crash Voice

crash2There was a car crash over the weekend. A baby survived for 14 hours in a vehicle that was upside down in a river. The mother died long before rescue teams arrived. Think that is the weird part of the story? It isn’t. Something even more unexplainable occurred.

The car – for some reason no one knows – veered off a bridge and into the river. It wasn’t until the next day that a fisherman noticed the car. He saw an arm sticking out. The mother was dead, the baby was strapped upside down in a car seat, and somehow survived freezing temps that would later cause rescuers to seek treatment.

Now here is the REALLY strange part. The vehicle was upside down. Police and firemen – 4 total – got down to the river. They didn’t know who was alive or even who was inside because they couldn’t see into the vehicle. But they kept hearing a voice crying out, “Help us! We need help!”. So being well-trained, they actually hollered back at the voice that they were working as fast as they could and tried to reassure it that everything was going to be alright.

The men managed to flip the car right-side up, and that is when one crawled inside and discovered the mother had long passed away. They unstrapped the baby, and got it to a hospital where it is doing well.

So the big mystery is WHO WAS THE VOICE??? No one knows. All four rescuers heard it. All four responded to it at one point or another. But the baby can’t speak, the mother was dead. The rescuers are as baffled as anyone else and said so on national television. All they know is that the voice prompted them to quick action.

My mystical side says the mother may have been dead physically, but her spirit wasn’t leaving that baby until help arrived and it was safe. You can come up with your own theory – maybe.

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