Hats, Eggs, Ramblings Of The Past

easter1I’m sitting in my normal Sunday morning haunt at Burger King – part of my weekly rotation – and there is a killer set over my laptop from ChirpRadio that has just concluded – included Dusty Springfield’s cover of Take Another Piece Of My Heart and Aretha Franklin belting out Drinking Again. My question is how loud do I have to be singing before they kick my ass out of this Burger King?

Looks like spring, someone said it is Easter. I always associate Easter with my mom who loved holidays in general and never let an Easter pass by without buying herself a brand new hat to wear to church that morning. She got that from her parents I think as they were always big on hats as well. There was a time in society when buying a new hat to wear on Sundays was like driving up in a new car. I guess those days are gone.

Then of course, my mom would fix a huge dinner that would stuff us beyond belief. Oddly enough, writing this, I have a sudden hankering for her bread pudding. Does anyone make bread pudding anymore? You can’t beat a good bread pudding. Some of those depression era dishes you don’t see anymore like bread pudding and sheet cakes. Then again, cooking has become a fine art relegated to the few. Too bad, like I said, you can’t beat a good bread  pudding.

Never got excited about egg hunts as everyone else – even when there was money in some of them – and I can remember having to fend off literally hundreds of kids just to come up with a couple good eggs. I also wasn’t fond of the new suit I would have to wear to church Easter Sunday. That dislike indicated a lifelong trait, I’m still not fond of suits.

Easter is one of those holidays when all the religions collide to claim the day in a different way. I’m glad spring is here. It was a harsh winter. Besides, those Sunday morning tunes sound better when mixed with a little sunshine. 

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One thought on “Hats, Eggs, Ramblings Of The Past

  1. Janet

    Easter sure has changed! No easter hats, no white shoes or fancy new dresses or white gloves… This year I attended Easter Sunday in my childhood church, and was disappointed as there was no communion, none of the traditional Easter songs.. like He arose!…at least they did have an Easter egg hunt for the kids after service. Organized by my 1st grade sunday school teacher! Yes she still is in charge of the younger kids! crazy.

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