Now I Feel Naked (But happily, I’m not)


It is Memorial Day weekend and I hope everyone has a pleasant holiday. My weekend has been busy, a bit stressful with work related matters but productive all the same. Most importantly, the weather is gorgeous! I love being able to get a little sunshine.

I felt a little naked though going into the weekend. Fortunately, for all of you out there, I’m not. The world has been spared that horror at least. 🙂

However, I lost a piece of jewelry. The bracelet above – sitting on a memorial candle next to my desk – cracked badly on one end and I can no longer wear it or it will split in two. If you know me, then you have a hard time trying to recall me without it. This bracelet has been on my arm every day for most of a decade. It has seen the good and bad right along with me.

The name on the bracelet is that of Rotem Weinberger. She was a soldier blown up at a bus stop in Israel on Christmas Day. I received the bracelet with a donation from One Family, a group dedicated to helping families of terror victims.

You’re suppose to wear these in memory of the victims, to honor them, but I always also felt that that wearing the bracelet allowed her to ‘tag along’ wherever I went. It was a daily reminder of how short life can be and so inspired me to keep pushing forward. But now, I must say goodbye to bracelet, put it away in the memento box. It is that I just feel so naked without it. Very strange after all this time.

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