4 Random Thoughts On The 4th


I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I’m being a bit of a bum as big stuff is happening next week and I just wanted to take a break and rest up before it all comes rushing down the pike. So, I thought I’d share just four brief – and very random – thoughts on this 4th.

First, a shout out to all my ancestors who decided they’d had enough of the British crown. (Sorry, Brit readers). Their family histories pretty much dictated a deep-seeded mistrust of the British system and even though many of them had fought the French, there actually was mutual respect with France that lasted generations.

My ancestors were on the command staff of those revolutionaries which makes me recall the famous F.D.R. saying, that we’re all descendants of immigrants and revolutionaries, every last one of us. That is very true. May we never lose that spirit.

Second, thought on my dad who is almost one year to the day from his heart surgery and doing pretty well. I’m often surrounded by religious types who spout off  about the fabrication of evolution but truth is, without Darwin and his theories, there would be no procedures like heart surgery. So grateful to Darwin for taking that huge leap and grateful my dad has survived, and being active the way he is.

Thirdly, there are those moments, where sometimes a person will doubt if they took the correct fork in the road. If you look closely, the universe will send you a sign whether you did it right or not. Yesterday, I received such a sign. It was more a confirmation than anything because I really wasn’t doubting myself that much but I encountered someone who I hadn’t seen in a couple years, and looking at them, how shabby they looked and the emotional wreck they seemed to be, it was a stark reminder that I could’ve gone down the same road but chose otherwise. And very thankful I did. That may not make much sense since I can’t go into a lot of detail but the point is, trust your instincts and they’ll normally take you were you need to be.

Fourth, I always recall my mother on the 4th of July as I drove her to a church picnic – her last. It was a sweltering day and she did her best to chat with her friends (she was a social butterfly at heart) and people greeted her. I ended up driving her home early as the heat wore her down – and the flies were a pain in the ass – but she was really glad she was able to go to the event.

Take the holiday and enjoy your family and friends as it is at the core of what we do and who we are. The revolutionary plotters in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, or the Tondee in Savannah, or Old City Tavern in Philadelphia (great place to eat but bring your wallet), had family and friends foremost on their minds. You’ll honor the day properly by doing the same.

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