The House Is Different Inside Than It Looks Outside


It seems the house our species lives in is different on the inside than it looks from the outside. We are living in a golden age in science where we are crossing the threshold of understanding that leads to exploring our universe, the house we live in.

The last couple weeks have been filled with exciting, if threatening, news with announcements of soldier robots, mutations, and video of Google’s robot running through the woods like a Terminator unit out for recess. If you think the likes of ISIS is your worse nightmare, you might want to take time and re-examine where robots and A.I. is these days. What was sci-fi only 5 years ago, isn’t anymore.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around two scientific reports released in the last 48 hours. The first is an epigenetics study showing for the first time that trauma/stress is passed on through DNA from one generation to the next. The study involved Holocaust survivors and their children and it demonstrates that the genetics of the children were changed to match the genetic tags of the parents, as though the children’s bodies had suffered the holocaust themselves even though they hadn’t.

Previously, it was taken as fact that the body filtered these stress/trauma tags out during pregnancy but now we know that isn’t the case. This means our environment changes who we are genetically and it makes you wonder what past events have done to us and what events, like the current refugee crisis are doing now. I link that study here

The other study that turned our universe upside down – almost literally – is the study that found that the future determines past events. Yeah, that is a bit of a mind-bender but it is these type of quirks that make up the world of physics and leaves the us all wondering what exactly is happening. Like I said, the house looks a whole lot different inside than out. I link the other study here:

All this of course calls into question about every assumption we’ve ever made about ourselves and our destinies. What role does consciousness play in our very existence? There are theories out there about how consciousness shapes our reality and this sorta plays into them. If we can shape our world by consciousness then doesn’t that force us to re-think our priorities and how we look at life?

It also calls into question our ability to possess free will. There is a growing body of evidence that free will – as we currently define it – may not exist. If free will ceases to be a factor then doesn’t that redefine us as humans? Doesn’t it cause us to reinterpret events as they unfold? And if the past can be written by the future, then aren’t our lives in a constant state of universal flux, perpetually being rewritten by events we have no control over?

Feeling a bit smaller in the vastness of the cosmos? On one hand all this is daunting but on the other hand isn’t who we REALLY are the greatest mystery of them all?

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