Rewriting The Holocaust


It is Halloween so it is appropriate for scary things to happen, things that keep you up at night. My wish though is that those scary events would be fictional and not in my news headlines when I wake up in the morning.

This week, someone publicly tried to rewrite the history of the Holocaust. In doing so, Holocaust deniers everywhere were given a gift. That someone was the Prime Minister of Israel of all people and he did it in a speech to world Zionist leaders.

In his speech, PM Bibi Netanyahu stated that Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews. It seems according to Bibi, that initially Hitler wasn’t all that bad of a guy but that he’d been led astray by the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem. According to this version of history, Hitler only wanted to expel the Jews but that it was the Mufti, in a 1941 meeting who convinced Hitler to kill Jews.

This nonsense is what happens when you let your hatred of one people grow so large that it is all you can see. Seriously, how much hate is in Netanyahu’s heart that he is willing to whitewash Hitler’s actions so he can pin the blame on Palestinians?

This kind of rhetoric is dangerous and sets years of trying to educate people about the Holocaust back more than one step. The speech was so outrageous that the Yad Vashem immediately slammed it, Netanyahu’s own Defense Minister (a close ally) slammed it, and the country of Germany issued a public statement saying that Netanyahu was wrong, that Germany took full responsibility for the Holocaust.

Yes, the Mufti and Hitler did meet. Yes, the Mufti did want the Jews killed but by then millions were already in German camps. While the Final Solution wasn’t officially underway, the wheels were already turning in that direction. You can’t overlook the Racial Laws, things like KrystallNacht, or the fact that the Nazis set up camps as soon as they took power and people were dying in those camps.

For a Prime Minister of Israel to make such a speech was a gift to Holocaust deniers everywhere. It also proved that there is something seriously wrong with Netanyahu and suggest he is unstable. His behavior is increasingly erratic, seemingly driven to hold on to power by any means, even if that includes glossing over the darkest chapter in his people’s history.

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One thought on “Rewriting The Holocaust

  1. It is a clear demonstration that every tribe on Earth is capable of pure evil. One time you are the victim, the next, you are the perpetrator. Israel is no different from Germany, except that they don’t make cars.

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