Paris, Beirut, Russia


I posted this post today on The Refugee Film website and wished to share it here as well.

Who hasn’t been touched by the events in Paris this weekend? This a day after twin suicide bombings in Beirut ravaged the city, and those bombings occurred on the heels of the downing of the Russian airliner. The ability of so few who have fallen in love with death to wreck so many lives remains incomprehensible to the vast majority of us.

Terrorism isn’t a new threat, for instance, the 1970s probably rivaled what is happening now. Unfortunately, even when ISIL goes away, and at some point they will, new groups are sure to step in and take their place. It is a challenge, a wire act, protecting our freedoms while protecting the innocent. In the days ahead, we’ll all be walking that wire.

There are already cries about halting ‘immigration’ or refugees. Let me point out a difference here. Immigrants come seeking better economic conditions. Refugees are fleeing for their lives. Some countries don’t use the term ‘refugee’ because it has a legal connotation they must abide by but that is what they are.

If there are refugees among the attackers – and at this writing no one knows, a passport has been found suggesting that but authorities don’t know if it is a real connection, fake passports are not new to terrorists – but even if say 100 refugees out of the million who have made it to Europe turn out to be associated with Islamic groups, that would still only be like .0001%. If you can show me a city with a million people that has better odds let me know, I want to move there.

It is easy to bash the refugees and paint with a broad stroke all as a threat. But allow me to ask, what do you think they are fleeing? They are fleeing the same Islamic life, the same wave of death by the very same perpetrators. A U.N. report came out this week detailing how 25,000 people a month are wounded in Syria. Disease is running rampant and there are no medical supplies. Still, people ask us why the refugees are fleeing.

Paris has a special place in our hearts and fortunately our friends living there are safe and sound if not scarred by the trauma. We’re determined to assist refugees when possible, to tell their tale (which now is about to take a twist), and more than ever, we won’t give ISIL what they wish for most – the surrender of our freedom to tell the stories we witness. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

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