This week, I enjoyed a rare evening of down time and went with my dad to see the new James Bond movie, Spectre. Even though it is the number one movie in the country, we ended up having a private showing since we were the only ones in the cinema. There was also a first when buying the tickets, the theatre – Carmike chain – didn’t offer a senior citizen discount. I don’t believe I have ever seen that happen before.

The film itself provided a worthy piece of escapism. The opening had really cool helicopter stunts, and the obligatory chase scene. Having said that, there isn’t as much action in Spectre as there was Skyfall.

There were also more than a few disappointments. There is a train fight sequence that – well, my father and I both laughed at the way it was shot. One moment the interior was destroyed, the next it is intact. One second there are other people in the train car and the next frame it was as empty as our theatre.

The story, which is really a bit of prequel, introducing characters from old Bond movies in their early stages, came across at times as disjointed. A character you thought was dead turns up alive but you aren’t sure how. A lady Bond seduces in rather silly fashion, the seduction is the last you see of her. In old Bond movies, she’d either end up dead or play a role later. You also never find out WHY the villain turned on Spectre. 

The real Bond girl in this movie though is played by Lea Seydoux who it turns out is ever bit as lethal as Bond. I kept waiting for her to be exposed as a member of Spectre but the writers missed a good plot turn there. Her scenes were really the best ones except for the cars. Yes, the awesome cars are back in this one.

The rest of the cast was okay if erring on the side of predictable. There wasn’t as much humour in this one and I think it hurt the cast’s performance. They’ve got to start giving Naomi Harris larger roles though because she is exceptionally strong as Moneypenny and seems stifled by the cliche part they write for her.

Overall, this is a good movie but still falls behind Skyfall or Casino Royale in the Daniel Craig Bond movies. It is a good piece of escapism. I’d give it 4 of 5 on my rating scale.

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