The Force Awakens


Star Wars is back. Back with a vengeance. Like the Dark Side, it has seduced most of the first world right into a cinema seat. Anytime a movie rakes in over 40 million dollars on a Monday, you know there is an inexplicable force at work. Don’t worry though, the light prevails and this movie is worth every moment you spend with it.

I don’t wish to give any of the plot away. There are great plot twists. Suffice to say though that J.J. Abrams has revived this franchise to its glory. In the acting department, I particularly enjoyed Daisy Ridley as Rey, and Harrison Ford, back as Hans Solo, dominated his scenes. He helped remind me of why we fell in love with Star Wars from the beginning.

One thought did occur to me. There is a theory, one I have come to accept as more probable the longer I am around, and that is that art (movies, writing, music etc) appear when they do for a purpose. They become part of our collective consciousness because the art reveals something about our path as a species that we need to know.

There are examples of this. H.G. Wells gave us a future we are now living long before there were flying machines. George Orwell’s 1984 is our playbook of what Big Brother really is. The China Syndrome was released at the same moment Three Mile Island occurred. Star Wars, in a saga from a galaxy far, far away, shares with us the spiritual essence we find within ourselves, on a galactic scale, and how our actions are connected in the constant pull between good and evil.

In the shadow of all that has happened the last couple months, the movie resonates with a timely message on a broader scale. Oh, sure, everyone is going for pure fun. We are all enjoying the revival of a story that is one of the great sagas of all time. But maybe that is my point. We are are tapping into a renewal of a feeling for what we know to be true. A reminder that our core strength is located within and if we allow ourselves the opportunity, we’ll sense that goodness, that same strength in others around us. In this sense, maybe Star Wars came along when we really needed it.

As a movie this is 5/5 on the rating scale. If you haven’t seen it yet, get out there and do so. If you have, hey, its the holiday season, see again.

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