By now the world knows of the militia group who have taken over a Federal Bird Sanctuary in Oregon. The leaders are from the Bundy Family in Nevada and there are about 150 armed lunatics in the place. *Since my original posting, it seems many of the terrorists went home already. There may only be a couple dozen actually at the sanctuary. But the point remains the same.

Now if this were a bunch of black protesters or 150 Muslims, the place would already be bombed and stormed, no doubt with few survivors. However, since it is a bunch of white guys with racist and neo-Nazi connections, well, that is different. They have to be coddled and treated like they have a legitimate point by the media when all they want is the overthrow of the government and the establishment of a fascist regime.

I don’t blame the Feds for taking their time with this. For starters there are 150 guys and clearly they aren’t too bright. Being holed up in the Oregon wilderness in the middle of January won’t go down as a strategic brainstorm. And seriously, a bird sanctuary??? And the Feds, all they have to do is jam the phones, the radios, turn off the water and heat, and in a couple weeks guys will start crawling out. I’ve heard people say that these militiamen are survivalists, they can live off the land. Well, when you are surrounded with snipers taking pot shots at you, reaching the land to pick berries becomes a really hard task. Again, too much tv has rotted the brain cells.

Social Media is having a field day mocking these guys with hashtags like #yallQaeda and #yeehawdists. I admit, I laughed my ass off at some of the jokes last night. (Instead of 72 vestal virgins it is 72 vestal strippers named Brandi lol) It is no joke what is going on though with these guys terrorizing locals. Schools are cancelled, businesses closed, and now millions in your tax dollars are going to be spent on an operation that will probably put people at risk and end with casualties.

The rising tolerance for lunatics, particularly white guys who wave their guns and threaten people because they don’t like a policy or Obama or the fact their neighbor speaks Spanish and that freedom of religion means not only Christianity, is really becoming a sore point with the vast majority of the population. These people can’t win at the ballot box so they take to their guns. It is that simple.

The government is going to have to start making examples out of these terrorists – which is what they are. Hopefully with just a long prison sentence but if they persist then with armed force. These racist terrorists have been in our midst far too long.

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