Frontline: Netanyahu At War


Last night I streamed Frontline: Netanyahu At War. Frontline streams all their episodes off the site and so I got to catch-up on their latest 2 hour special that had broadcast earlier in the week. It was well worth the view.

Frontline – considered to be in the elite of journalistic broadcasts – focused on Netanyahu’s career and the conflict between him and Obama. There are stark observations that become disturbingly clear in the show.

For instance, the conversations Netanyahu had with people at Rabin’s funeral – the only remorse he had was that Rabin’s assassination made Rabin a hero when Netanyahu thought he could beat him in the election. Of course, Netanyahu helped incite the hatred that led to Rabin’s murder so it shouldn’t be a surprise that nowhere will you find remorse for the killing on his part.

The one element that seemed to rear its head over and over again is how much contempt, disdain, the Likud party has not just for Obama but Americans in general. Other Likud officials were in the program and either mocked their counter-parts or ridiculed Americans. Stories of Netanyahu screaming at John Kerry or lecturing Obama and Bill Clinton as though they had no knowledge, just bore out how little foresight Netanyahu and Likud have.

The lack of foresight is because for them it is all about holding political power. Never do you hear them speak about obtaining peace or simply doing the right thing to avoid bloodshed. Instead, it was all about using bloodshed to gain control.

One also comes away from the show with a renewed appreciation for Obama’s Middle East policy. For instance, it is clear from the diplomats and advisers involved that if Obama had included Israel in the Iran negotiations, Netanyahu and Israel would’ve done all they could to sabotage the deal which has bore fruit.

Netanyahu has altered the U.S.-Israel relationship permanently. I don’t think anyone questions that. There is no gratitude, not an ounce, from Jerusalem to D.C. for what the Americans have done for them. It is a shame to say but that has taken a toll.

This was another great piece of journalism by ‘Frontline’. You can stream it off the site. I encourage you to do so.

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