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Welcome to books I’ve authored. On here you will find the latest publications and links on how you may purchase them. Feel free to contact me if you desire more information. Enjoy these great stories today!



Newly Released!

Newly Released!

This 2013 release is a collection of poems inspired by the variety of places and people I encountered on my many travels. My mentor was the award-winning poet, Felix Stefanile, and so these poems are expertly crafted and meant to strike a chord with the average reader. You can purchase your copy here:  Amazon Print  Kindle Version


This 2012 non-fiction novel is a series of short stories connecting to each other and which are extracted from my various travels in the Middle East including his time living in the region. You will find this as adventurous in its undertaking as the travels themselves. Journey from Israel to Egypt and over to Jordan and discover what it is like to live in a city such as Tel Aviv or stay in Cairo. Discover what the people and region are really like beyond the news headlines. You’ll meet holocaust survivors, Palestinians, rock musicians, classical musicians and read of archaeological discoveries and artifacts that Jett had the honor to be present for at the time. The book is sure to thrill you and inform you all at the same time. Purchase your copy today!  Amazon Print   Kindle Version


This edition of the book of poetry by Felix Stefanile is a reissue. Now these poems by the award-winning poet may be enjoyed by a new generation. Stefanile was often referred to as “the everyman’s poet” and these poems show why that was the case. Keep the poetry alive in your life by ordering your copy HERE today.

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